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This article is aimed at providing a way to join a domain from a command line. This can be achieved with the NETDOM command line utility included in Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 2.


WARNING: The solution included in this article has not been extensively tested in large installations. Microsoft cannot guarantee that modifications of domains as recommended herein will accomplish the objective described in this article under all circumstances and in all configurations.

For the purpose of this article, assume MYDOMAIN is the name of the domain and MYCOMPUTER is the name of the workstation or stand-alone server that is joining the domain.

NETDOM lets you join a domain from the command line. This can apply to Windows NT workstations and standalone servers.

If you are the administrator of the domain

If you have administrative access to the primary domain controller (PDC) (such as through an user account member of the Local Administrators or Domain Administrators groups,) NETDOM automatically creates the computer account if necessary.

You may run the following command (in a single line):

   NETDOM /Domain:MYDOMAIN /user:adminuser /password:apassword MEMBER

The command line above may be run on any computer as soon as you have administrative access to the computer MYCOMPUTER. If you are already logged on to the domain with an administrator account, then the options /DOMAIN, /USER and /PASSWORD are not required.

If you are not an administrator of the domain

If you do not have administrative access to the PDC of the domain then you must ask the administrator to add a computer account for your computer member.

The computer account can be created as follows:

   NETDOM /Domain:MYDOMAIN /user:adminuser /password:apassword MEMBER

Then act as follows to join the domain.


If the workstation or the stand-alone server was already in the domain the secure channel is checked.

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Developer Edition
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