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Article ID: 2643821 - Last Review: November 16, 2011 - Revision: 2.0


ID : esp.sdk.5.3.SP4.contentapi-dotnet2.0.patch02.ALL

Product : ESP SDK.5.3.SP4 on ALL

Category : Recommended fix

Date released : 26-Aug-11

Overall Description
This patch contains a fix for a bug related to ContentManager.
When adding documents, if the content distributor goes down, the ContentManager hangs until the content distributor is restarted.
Build version:

This patch requires ESP SDK.5.3.SP4 on a corresponding platform

Why would you apply this fix
This fix introduces a new method to set the maximum connection retries. If it is set, the program will respect the number of retries and will raise an exception when it is exceeded.

Known impacts of applying this fix
o No known side-effects.

Install procedure
Extract the zipped folder and replace the existing dlls of the content api with the dlls in the extracted folder.

This is a fix for issues
o 853339 : When contentdistributor is down ContentManager hangs forever needs timeout


This patch can be downloaded from MSConnect at the following links:

All Platforms: (

If you do not have access to MSConnect and will be downloading software for your organization, please submit a request to ( .  Please be sure to include the complete contact details and the contract identifier.

  • FAST ESP 5.3
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