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This article describes why additional fees might appear on your billing statement after you buy items using a credit card at Windows Phone 7 Marketplace or Windows Phone 8 Store.

Depending on the bank or financial institution that issued your credit card, additional fees might show up on your bill after you have completed your Windows Phone Marketplace or Windows Phone Store purchase.

These are fees that might be charged by the bank or financial institution that issued your credit card, not Microsoft, and can vary by bank.

Customers can avoid paying additional bank fees on credit card purchases by using Mobile Payments (direct mobile operator billing) for app purchases wherever they're offered by your wireless carrier.

More information

Here are two kinds of fees that your bank might charge on international credit card transactions:

International Transaction Fee (ITF)

Your bank might add an international transaction fee, also known as a "cross border" or "foreign transaction fee." These fees occur when the Windows Phone Marketplace or Store is not set up to process credit card payments locally in your country, but can process your purchase in another country.

Note Transactions that occur between EU member countries are considered inter-regional, not cross-border transactions.

For more information about where Windows Phone Marketplace or Store transactions are processed by region, see section 10 ofWindows Phone Terms of Use.

Currency Exchange Fee (FX)

Your bank might add a currency exchange fee, also known as a "cross currency fee" or a "foreign exchange fee." This occurs when your credit card transaction requires a conversion of funds between the pricing currency shown on the Windows Phone Marketplace or Store and the currency your bank or financial institution bills you, and the currency your credit card network uses to settle the transaction.

For example, prices in Marketplace or Store might be listed in euros, but appear on your credit card billing statement in U.S. dollars.


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