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The following is a list of fixes and various other improvements that have been made in Service Pack 3 for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0. For more information, contact your primary support provider.

To determine which Service Pack level your SQL Server server is currently running, run the following statement from the SQL Server Query Analyzer window:
   SELECT @@version
The result of this query is:
   7.00.623 if SQL Server 7.0 with no service pack applied
   7.00.699 if SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1
   7.00.842 if SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2
   7.00.961 if SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3
Please note that the workarounds described in these articles are provided for information only. You do not need to implement these workarounds if you have the updated software.

For more information about each corrected problem in Service Pack 3 for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 (build 7.00.961) and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0, either click the link or use the Qxxxxxx number to query for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

SQL Server service packs are cumulative. All of the problems corrected in Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2 are also corrected in Service Pack 3. For a list of those problems, refer to the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
225019  ( ) SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 1 fixlist
254369  ( ) SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2 fixlist
To download Service Pack 3, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
274799  ( ) How to obtain Service Pack 3 for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0

To view the Readme.htm file that accompanies the Service Pack 3, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
274798  ( ) Readme.txt for SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3

More information

SQL Server and MSDE FixList

The following is a list of bugs that have been fixed by SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3). The links point to currently published Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

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Bug IDLinkTitle
26147281338  ( ) FIX: Select Distinct Fails to Eliminate Duplicate Null Values on Bit Datatype
49541274310  ( ) FIX: Error 823 or 8966 Reported by SQL Server with Insufficient System Resources
54404262699  ( ) FIX: User Logged Into DB in Single User Mode May Encounter 924 Error
55011231759  ( ) FIX: SEM Generates SQL-DMO Error When Adding an ODBC Subscriber
55030264489  ( ) FIX: Index Tuning Wizard Does Not Process Parameterized Workload Across Batches
55450279505  ( ) FIX: Transaction Log Space Grows on Standby Server
55180280872  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Microsoft Search Fails to Start and Error Message 1332 Occurs
55912283899  ( ) FIX: Adding Several Constraints in a Single ALTER TABLE Statement May Get Assertion Followed by Error 3624
55981235693  ( ) FIX: Select Query with GROUP BY and Outer Join Causes Handled Access Violation
56075249294  ( ) FIX: Password Fails to Meet Password Policy Requirements
56180275145  ( ) FIX: Only One SQL Server Performance Condition Alerts Is Treated As Active
56244262519  ( ) FIX: SQLSetCursorName Fails When "Use ANSI Quoted Identifiers" Is Cleared
56266240853  ( ) FIX: Lock Escalation With Parallel Query May Cause 1203 Error And Server Shutdown
56598243740  ( ) FIX: Replication AddSubscription Method Causes Handle Leak on Failure
56646281129  ( ) FIX: Update of Table with Large varchar Columns May Cause Access Violation
56702262023  ( ) FIX: Queries With Large Numeric Values May Not Use Appropriate Index
56806247749  ( ) FIX: Column Level Permissions not Scripted When Generated Using Enterprise Manager When Table Level Permissions Exist for That Role or User
56832279697  ( ) FIX: Text Truncated in Replication Property Page with Japanese Locale
56950280791  ( ) FIX: Assert Occurs in SQL Server When You Run DBCC CHECKDB or sp_adddistributiondb
57034279690  ( ) FIX: Duplicate Hotkeys in German SQL Server 7.0 DTS Import Wizard
57044263649  ( ) FIX: Handled Access Violation on INSERT Through Cursor
57112278250  ( ) FIX: DTS: Transfer Objects and Data May Cause Access Violation
57127247871  ( ) FIX: DTC Commit/Abort Operation may Leave Suspended Worker Thread with Waittype 0x0201
57131274354  ( ) FIX: FAST_FORWARD Cursors Perform Slower
57161247069  ( ) FIX: Using ICommandPrepare->Prepare() May Cause ICommand->Execute() not to Report Errors
57213277809  ( ) FIX: A Non-Sysadmin May Execute sp_procoption Stored Procedure
57260275618  ( ) FIX: Cannot Set SQLServerAgent Password to More Than 16 Characters in Enterprise Manager
57268279015  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Does Not Run RESTOREVERIFYONLY When Scheduling a Back Up in SQL Enterprise Manager
57286264041  ( ) FIX: DBCC CHECKALLOC May Inaccurately Report Errors 8968 and 8998
57295241448  ( ) FIX: Replication with Immediate-Updating Subscribers Fails with Error 21082
57299275614  ( ) BUG: Bulk Insert - lacked row when truncates error
57330279511  ( ) FIX: DBCC SHRINKFILE with Empty Option May Not Move Heap and Text Pages
57354256649  ( ) FIX: Simultaneous DTC Operations May Cause Errors
57394280739  ( ) FIX: DTS Wizard Hangs at Startup While Enumerating OLEDB Providers
57401275503  ( ) FIX: BCP Out Fails with Exception Error if You Use a Format File to Change Order of Columns
57417278280  ( ) FIX: Abort of mult-database transaction can fail with assertion
57435276303  ( ) FIX: Fatal Exception "EXCEPTION_FLT_OVERFLOW" Occurs During Query Optimization
57436253010  ( ) FIX: Busy Connections Leave Cursors Open After Call To SQLFreeStmt or SQLCloseCursor
57450253230  ( ) FIX: SEM: Appended Backup Database with Verify Always Checks Only FILE Number = 1
57453274428  ( ) FIX: Revoking Update Permissions on a Table Also Revokes Column-Level Select Permissions
57468276595  ( ) FIX: Replication Agents Print Logon Password When You Use the Output Parameter
57471275619  ( ) FIX: RPC That Calls Another RPC Returns an Error Message and Incorrect Results
57477280361  ( ) FIX: "Generate SQL Script" in Enterprise Manager May Not Script Out the Correct Permissions
57488264192  ( ) FIX: Bulk Load Operation on Nchar Field Pads Incorrectly
57515260342  ( ) FIX: Replication Agents May Fail With Arithmetic Overflow Errors Due to Large Latencies
57525258083  ( ) FIX: Abort of Distributed Transaction with Xproc May Cause Assertions, Access Violations and Server Shutdown
57532258087  ( ) FIX: Non-Admin User That Executes Batch While Server Shuts Down May Encounter Retail Assertion
57537281617  ( ) FIX: SQLMAINT Backup to Tape with Verify Only Checks the First File
57545259775  ( ) FIX: ISNULL with ANSI_WARNINGS OFF Drops Connection On Divide By Zero
57554262462  ( ) FIX: Conversion Errors Occur in Prepared Statements That Use UNIONs
57559255900  ( ) FIX: DTS Package Created on Uplevel (2.5/2.6) MDAC May Fail on Computer with Downlevel (2.1) MDAC
57560275487  ( ) FIX: Stack Overflow Exception Error Occurs When You Insert 250 KB or More of Data Into a Text or Image Column
57569275487  ( ) FIX: Stack Overflow Exception Error Occurs When You Insert 250 KB or More of Data Into a Text or Image Column
57602260346  ( ) FIX: Transactional Publications with a Filter on Numeric Columns Fail to Replicate Data
57615276583  ( ) FIX: Error Message Occurs When You Open a DTS Package Saved with Characters that do not Exist in SQL Server Code Page
57631275724  ( ) FIX: After Performing a Replace All in Query Analyzer, Queries don't Execute
57635278383  ( ) FIX: Replication Monitor Is Not Updated After Anonymous Subscription (Distribution or Merge) Expires
57640284237  ( ) FIX: SELECT Statement with Two LIKE Clauses Where the Table Has a CHECK Constraint Causes AV
57641279793  ( ) FIX: Error Message 602 During Recovery of a Database
57658276039  ( ) FIX: Duplicate Hash Keys Generated for Two Distinct Index Key Values on Non-Unique Clustered Index
57661261133  ( ) FIX: DTS "Send Mail" Fills Up Mailbox and Outlook Cannot See or Delete E-Mail Messages
57680278443  ( ) FIX: DTS Import Wizard Closes When You Browse for SQL Server Servers
57686278509  ( ) FIX: Distribution Agent Ignores Quoted Identifier Option on Initial Sync to Oracle Subscribers
57693278855  ( ) FIX: Assert in Errorlog During WITH STANDBY Recovery on a Replicated Database
57695257424  ( ) FIX: Problem Upgrading Japanese Database Servers to Windows 2000 After Installing Service Pack 2
57700278964  ( ) FIX: Temporary Tables Are Not Dropped When the Merge Agent Runs in Continuous Mode
57706263304  ( ) FIX: UPDATE Fails Under INSERT/UPDATE Stress on Non-Indexed Table
57727275622  ( ) Datetime Column Defaults Load Incorrectly During BULK INSERT
57729278421  ( ) FIX: A SELECT Statement with a Large IN Clause May Fail with a Stack Overflow and the Client Disconnects
57730260087  ( ) FIX: Large Error Numbers May Cause Heap Corruption in SQLServerAgent Service
57737276533  ( ) FIX: Upgrading a Republishing Merge Subscriber to SP2 May Fail with Error Message 20026
57746274995  ( ) FIX: Plan re-use gives incorrect query results
57752258198  ( ) FIX: Error Message 8630 Occurs When Updates are Performed to a Table with Compound Keys
57757259021  ( ) FIX: Parallel Hash Join with Empty Result Set Incorrectly Flows Error Back on Client Connection
57764274521  ( ) FIX: BULK INSERT May Silently Reject NULL Values for NOT NULL Columns
57775274483  ( ) FIX: Unable to Choose Article Resolver When You Use SQL Server 2000 Distributor and SQL Server 7.0 Publisher
57785280685  ( ) FIX: Preparing a Statement That References a Missing Object Incorrectly Succeeds
57799258974  ( ) FIX: Query Analyzer Might Not Save all Rows in the Result Set to a File When You Use the "Results in Grid" Option
57801274801  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Clients on Windows 2000 May Cause Extra Trip to Domain Controller During Integrated Logon
57804259551  ( ) FIX: Database Remains in Single User Mode with the Database Maintenance Plan Option "Repair Any Minor Problems"
57805281185  ( ) FIX: Linked Index Server Query Through OLE DB Provider with OR Clause Reports Error 7349
57806259141  ( ) FIX: SP2 Regression: 8624 Error Might Occur When You Modify a Table with a Complex Query
57812264170  ( ) FIX: Immediate Updating Subscribers Receive Error Message 7415 When Performing UPDATES and INSERTS
57816274716  ( ) FIX: Error "The System Cannot Find the File Specified" When You Open a DTS Package
57820281141  ( ) FIX: Replication Distribution Agent That Uses ActiveX Control May Skip INSERT Commands Under Stressed Condition
57826278629  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Agent Fails with "The merge process could not initialize the subscription" Error Message
57827265355  ( ) FIX: NCHAR Columns Padded with Empty Strings Instead of Spaces During BCP/BULK INSERT
57828275624  ( ) FIX: Identity Value Recovery May Fail After a Nonlogged Bulk Load
57829279088  ( ) FIX: Merge Agent May Ignore Subscriber-Side Changes in Articles with the Same Name
57846261216  ( ) FIX: Snapshot Agent for a Merge Publication Might Fail with Error Message 4408 or 50007
57857274661  ( ) FIX: Delete operation may fail to delete some of the qualified rows with a self-referencing subquery
57864278980  ( ) FIX: Insert with SUBSTRING Operation Fails if JOIN Comparison is Based on NULL Values and LIKE Clause
57871262019  ( ) FIX: Aborting Parallel Query With Hash Operation May Orphan Extents in Tempdb
57872268150  ( ) FIX: INSERT..SELECT with NOT EXISTS Can Choose Slower Merge Join Plan
57899277547  ( ) FIX: Table Corruption When Using BCP with SELECT INTO/BULK COPY, Nonclustered Index, and IGNORE_DUP_KEY
57901266008  ( ) FIX: Ad Hoc Access Denied Post SP2 Using OPENROWSET
57904278285  ( ) FIX: Attention During Tempdb Auto Stats May Result in Server Shutdown
57912263955  ( ) FIX: Merge Agent Fails with "Setting Sentgen Too High" Error Message
57921274706  ( ) FIX: Regression: Compilation of Many UNIONs Takes Excessively Long Time
57922278965  ( ) FIX: Patindex Function May Return Incorrect Result on SQL Server 7.0 with DBCS Codepage
57938276225  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 2 May Fail to Delegate the Filter Condition to the Provider
57939278021  ( ) FIX: Clearing "Enforce constraint for replication" Check Box for a CHECK Constraint Breaks Constraint Checking on All Nonreplication Operations
57941274467  ( ) FIX: Queries with TOP N PERCENT in Subquery May Fail with Error Message 8623
57944264005  ( ) FIX: Error Message 8623 Occurs If You Use INSERT-SELECT with NOT IN or NOT EXISTS Keywords in Subquery of the WHERE Clause
57949275690  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Agent Startup May be Delayed by Four Seconds
57952264646  ( ) FIX: Snapshot Agent Fails with 4408 Error Message if a Merge Publication Contains a Large Number of Join Filters
57954266234  ( ) FIX: Parallel Query That Has Many Bit Columns May Cause Access Violation
57956263968  ( ) FIX: Service Pack Install Can Save Standard Security Password in File
57959272220  ( ) FIX: TEXT/IMAGE Data Storage Space Not Reclaimed Correctly
57962267264  ( ) FIX: Distribution Agent May Fail to Report That a Subscription is Marked as Inactive
57963278353  ( ) FIX: Race Condition When Server Allocates Memory Can Cause AV
57966279319  ( ) FIX: Query Using Nested IN and a CASE Clause Causes an Access Violation
57978264687  ( ) FIX: ADO Applications Report a Syntax Error When Column Names Contain Spaces
57983266234  ( ) FIX: Parallel Query That Has Many Bit Columns May Cause Access Violation
57985262973  ( ) PRB: Possible Thread Starvation Detected Message Reported in the SQL Server Error Log
57986277897  ( ) FIX: OLEDB: DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS May Cause Protocol Error Message in TDS Stream
57987279823  ( ) FIX: Restore of a Database Gives Error 4038 Due to Malformed Media Set
57997274811  ( ) FIX: Keyset Cursor Fetches Same Row Repeatedly
57999278978  ( ) FIX: SELECT May Not Return All Rows if It Contains a Large Number of Values in an IN Clause on a NUMERIC Column
58000264880  ( ) FIX: Passwords May Be Retrieved from Enterprise Manager and from a DTS Package with No Owner Password
58007266158  ( ) FIX: Complex Merge Join Might Cause Handled Access Violation
58015276992  ( ) FIX: Bulk Insert or Snapshot Replication May Corrupt Table During NOLOCK Scans
58026273009  ( ) FIX: sp_helptext May Fail to Return the Correct Text when a New Line Begins at Multiples of 8000 Bytes
58032266158  ( ) FIX: Complex Merge Join Might Cause Handled Access Violation
58035263968  ( ) FIX: Service Pack Install Can Save Standard Security Password in File
58041281287  ( ) FIX: Msg 8964 on Index with IGNORE_DUP_KEY and Row Has a Text Column
58044265865  ( ) FIX: Float Data Inaccurately Converted when Sent to Linked Server
58057278360  ( ) FIX: NT User and Domain Name May not be Recorded by SQL Profiler for a Standard Security Connection
58059260342  ( ) FIX: Replication Agents May Fail With Arithmetic Overflow Errors Due to Large Latencies
58063267953  ( ) FIX: Interleaving Prepare And Adhoc Execute of Query May Cause Recompile Loop
58065274353  ( ) FIX: Query Analyzer: Empty Row is Returned with COMPUTE on SMALLINT Data
58068268153  ( ) FIX: Distributed Query with NO_BROWSETABLE Against Timestamp Column Can Cause Access Violation
58075274376  ( ) INF: sp_mergecleanupmetadata Optimized for Speed and Less Disk Space Usage
58078282175  ( ) FIX: Parallel Query on Four CPUs Using NLS Is Slower Than Two CPUs
58090266368  ( ) FIX: Updates That Use LEFT OUTER JOIN May Not Complete if Parallelism Is Used
58092266372  ( ) FIX: OPTION (MAXDOP 1) Hint May Not Turn Off Parallel Query
58093283036  ( ) FIX: Setting Retention Period of a Merge Publication Can Drop Subscriptions
58095266766  ( ) FIX: Temporary Stored Procedures in SA Owned Databases may Bypass Permission Checks When You Run Stored Procedures
58099275992  ( ) FIX: Running Sp_vupgrade_replication May Fail with Timeout Expired Error Message During Service Pack 2 Upgrade
58101283034  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Fails After a Call to sp_MSgetrowmetadata
58103278363  ( ) FIX: Attentions During Non-Logged Allocations in tempdb can Result in Errors 8906 and 8946
58112264880  ( ) FIX: Passwords May Be Retrieved from Enterprise Manager and from a DTS Package with No Owner Password
58121275615  ( ) FIX: Restore Command That Uses Large File Names May Cause Access Violation
58127267599  ( ) FIX: Running a Stored Procedure While SET FMTONLY is Off and On Can Cause 602, 604 and 618 Error Messages
58129268081  ( ) FIX: Error Message 1511 Occurs When You Restore a Database or Transaction Log Dump
58130275304  ( ) FIX: Access Violation with Queries that Involve Hash Join on Large Data Sets
58137285127  ( ) FIX: Updates Are Replicated as Delete/Insert Pair Even When Updates Should Not Be Replicated
58148268413  ( ) FIX: SP2 Regression: DTS Transfer Fails with Access Violation if Destination Server is Unnamed
58156276427  ( ) FIX: Snapshot Fails with Duplicate Key Row in MSmerge_genhistory
58158280747  ( ) FIX: UPDATE Statement on a Clustered Index Key Fails with Error 547
58161276751  ( ) FIX: Bulk Insert May Leak Memory in Abort Cases
58168275427  ( ) FIX: SP2 Regression: Update That Contains a Join Causes a 601 Error Message and Produces Incorrect Results
58170275661  ( ) FIX: Error Message 6107 Occurs with Transact-SQL KILL Command After Pooled Connection is Reset
58174274314  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 7.0 SP2 Unattended Client Setup Results in "MMC Snap-In Failed to Initialize" Error Message
58175269560  ( ) FIX: LoginTimeout and QueryTimeout Properties in Replication ActiveX Control Are Not Used During Execution
58184274993  ( ) FIX: Column Level Permissions May Be Displayed Incorrectly When GRANT_WITH_GRANT Option Is Used
58186272457  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Exception Encountered in CQDynArray::Resize
58198278366  ( ) FIX: Concurrent Shrink Operations Against Heaps can Result in Errors 8968, 8905, and 8906
58199269282  ( ) FIX: Error Message 602 Occurs When You Query a Temporary Table That Has a Non-Clustered Index
58203269839  ( ) FIX: Access Violation Occurs When Querying a Remote Index Provider
58212274765  ( ) FIX: SELECT Statement May Generate Incorrect Results When Hash Join Is Used in the Parallel Query Plan
58214282174  ( ) FIX: Restoring or Altering a Database Might Result in CPU Spin
58223269697  ( ) FIX: SPID Returns to ROLLBACK Status When You Cancel a SELECT Statement with a Parallel Plan
58233273584  ( ) FIX: Multiserver Jobs Fail to Download on French Localized TSX
58247284440  ( ) FIX: UPDATE with CASE Statement That Uses NEWID() Function Causes Errors 8951, 8952, 8955 and 8956
58253274470  ( ) FIX: SELECT DISTINCT May Return Incorrect Results Unless Column Set Equal to Itself
58263276529  ( ) FIX: SP2 Regression - Update Queries with Hash Joins Do Not Update Any Rows
58279274266  ( ) FIX: Data Modification Query with a Distinct Subquery on a View May Cause Error 3624
58284264646  ( ) FIX: Snapshot Agent Fails with 4408 Error Message if a Merge Publication Contains a Large Number of Join Filters
58285280744  ( ) FIX: Update Query Returns Error 1903 if Temporary Composite Index Over 900 Bytes
58286281287  ( ) FIX: Msg 8964 on Index with IGNORE_DUP_KEY and Row Has a Text Column
58287280807  ( ) PRB: DTS Packages in SQL Server 7.0 Cannot Be Saved Using SQL Server 2000 Encrypted Format
58289276048  ( ) FIX: AV in COledbError::RaiseRestartPositionError running a FT query
58293280361  ( ) BUG: "Generate SQL Script" from Enterprise Manger may not script out correct permissions
58299277737  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Reports Misleading Conflict When Using Horizontal Filtering
58302275339  ( ) FIX: DTS Wizard Specifies Destination Table Name Incorrectly
58303275670  ( ) FIX: DTS Wizard Parses Custom Datatypes Incorrectly
58305276060  ( ) FIX: SELECT with ORDER BY Does Not Maintain Sort Order if Run in Parallel
58316276041  ( ) FIX: Retrieving Text/Image Data May Return Error 5180
58319278369  ( ) FIX: Stack Dumps May Be Incorrect or Incomplete When UMS Runs in Fiber Mode
58325278371  ( ) FIX: Executing SQL Diagnostics During Connect/Disconnect can Cause AV or Server Shutdown
58327278372  ( ) FIX: Running Stack Dumper Can Cause Memory Leak of Virtual Bytes
58361275536  ( ) FIX: Linked Server Query with Hyphen in LIKE Clause May Run Slower than Expected
58369281287  ( ) FIX: Msg 8964 on Index with IGNORE_DUP_KEY and Row Has a Text Column
58372278394  ( ) FIX: Error Message 8509 Not Returned to Client Correctly When DTC Import Fails
58383277839  ( ) FIX: Active SDES for Negative Object ID Message Logged Followed by Process Termination
58386277843  ( ) FIX: Restore of Log in Standby Mode May Cause 9004 Error Message if the Original Database has Shrink Enabled
58397276067  ( ) FIX: Duplicate Distribution Steps May Lead to Bad Plan Selection for >= or =< Predicates
58404281295  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Synchronization May Be Slow
58405275593  ( ) FIX: DELETE Results in 8908 Error Message When You Use a Parallel Plan
58433275901  ( ) FIX: SQL RPC That Raises Error Will Mask @@ERROR with Msg 7221
58465277029  ( ) PRB: SQL Server 7.0 as Master Server Cannot Enlist SQL Server 2000 Named Instance as Target Server
58467277716  ( ) Q277716 - FIX: OPENQUERY/OPENROWSET with DB2 Linked Server May Return Incorrect Results with Decimal Datatype
58472276234  ( ) FIX: SQLMaint.exe Sets Database Status Incorrectly
58473278671  ( ) FIX: Slow Query Performance When Non-SA Executes Query That Causes Trigger to Access the INSERTED or DELETED Tables
58497276499  ( ) FIX: SP2 Regression: Running a Stored Procedure with Index on Local Temp Table Causes AV
58503281191  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Replication Syncronization to DB2 Subscriber Fails with Numeric Data Type
58522277839  ( ) FIX: Active SDES for Negative Object ID Message Logged and Followed by Process Termination
58544277698  ( ) FIX: LEFT OUTER JOIN on a View that Uses the DISTINCT Keyword Produces Incorrect Results
100932280380  ( ) FIX: Buffer Overflow Exploit Possible With Extended Stored Procedures
100936280380  ( ) FIX: Buffer Overflow Exploit Possible With Extended Stored Procedures
101265288185  ( ) FIX: Stored Procedure Continues to Use Parameter Value Passed During First Execution

The following articles are still being written and therefore the links will not work. They are included here to provide you with as much information as possible.

Collapse this tableExpand this table
Bug IDLinkTitle
57883278022  ( ) FIX: Bulk Insert inserts garbage when converting text column from Multi Byte codepage to a Single Byte codepage
57917275721  ( ) FIX: Corruption of tempdb caused during playback
58160280808  ( ) FIX: SQL 7.0 SP2 Pull subscriber does not detect that Shiloh Merge Agent Snapshot is obsolete
58222286257  ( ) FIX: DBCC CHECKTABLE Fails If Corrupt Text Has Long Clustered Key
58334277738  ( ) FIX: Parallel Select with Aggregate returns Incorrect results

OLAP Services Fixlist

The following is a list of bugs that have been marked fixed by SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3. The links point to currently published Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

Collapse this tableExpand this table
Bug IDLinkTitle
3825, 11211248829  ( ) FIX: Denial of Services During Connections
7454275049  ( ) FIX: Edit of Calculated Member Returns an Error Message if Parent Dimension is a Multiple Hierarchy
7709259677  ( ) FIX: OLAP Server May Not Use Aggregations Even When They Exist
8300274701  ( ) FIX: After Upgrade to OLAP SP2 Reconnection to Server May Cause "Cannot save object in DSO" Error Message
8888263619  ( ) FIX: Archive/Restore Fails After You Apply SP2 Add-in with SQL Server Repository
9010263155  ( ) FIX: Processing All Dimensions May Fail From OLAP Manager or DTS Package
9820271760  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Aggregates After "Incremental Update" of Cube from DTS
9065274732  ( ) FIX: Permissions on the Temp Folder Change After You Use the Archive/Restore Add-In
11193275135  ( ) FIX: StrToSet Function Returns Error Message when String is Over 1 K in Size
11211248829  ( ) FIX: Denial of Services During Connections
11214275919  ( ) FIX: OLAP Manager Stops Responding When You Edit Partitions
11240274843  ( ) FIX: OLAP Manager Performs Incremental Update on Private Dimensions when Full Process for Cube is Performed
11260275050  ( ) FIX: OLAP Databases Missing in OLAP Manager with Migrated Repository Database
11261272006  ( ) FIX: Cubes and Databases No Longer Visible from OLAP Manager
11276275924  ( ) FIX: OLAP Manager May Stop Responding When You Migrate Repository
11287275867  ( ) FIX: OLAP Manager May Return Error After You Install MDAC 2.6
11303276608  ( ) FIX: Errors When You Add Aggregations to an Existing Partition

External Fixlist

The following is a list of bugs that have been marked fixed by components external to SQL Server 7.0 and have been included in SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Collapse this tableExpand this table
Access and Visual Studio266277  ( ) PRB: Using the Visual Studio 6.0 and Access 2000 Visual Database Tools with SQL Server 2000
Microsoft Data Access Components279401  ( ) PRB: Over Localized Sort Order Strings In Access/Jet ODBC Driver


Applies to
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server OLAP Services
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