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Article ID: 280125 - Last Review: June 19, 2014 - Revision: 2.0

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This article describes the switches that are available in the Cluster Administrator tool for Windows Clustering. These switches can be used to connect to a server cluster.

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To start Cluster Administrator, click Start, click Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Cluster Administrator. You can also start Cluster Administrator by typing cluadmin.exe at a command prompt. The following switches can be used in conjunction with this tool to connect to a cluster:

No Reconnection

By default, when you start Cluster Administrator, it attempts to open a connection to the same cluster that it previously had a connection to the last time the tool was started. When you use the noreconnect switch, when you start Cluster Administrator, you are prompted to enter the name of the cluster that you want to connect to.

Syntax: cluadmin -noreconnect or cluadmin -norecon

Local Connection

You can open Cluster Administrator and connect to the local node by using the "." switch. If the cluster name or cluster Internet Protocol (IP) address does not come online, you can use this switch to make a connection to the cluster.

Syntax: cluadmin .

IP Address

You can use Cluster Administrator to connect to either a node in the cluster or the cluster IP address by specifying the IP address.

Syntax: cluadmin

Note: It is not recommended that you use this switch to connect to a virtual IP address other than the cluster IP address resource.

NetBIOS Name

You can use this switch to connect to the cluster using a NetBIOS name. You can use either one of the node names or the cluster name. To use this switch, the name resolution service must be functioning correctly.

Syntax: cluadmin ClusterName

Applies to
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition
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