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This article contains information about groups in Yammer.


How to create a new group

To create a new group, follow these steps:
  1. Locate Groups Directory in the left-side column, and then expand the GROUPS heading.
  2. Select a group name, a description, and permission settings for those who can join, and then click Create Group.
  3. On the next screen, you can invite other members of the network to your group.
  4. Although you can use email addresses to add current members or to invite prospective members, only those people who are already network members will appear as group members immediately after you add them. All non-network members have to accept your invitation and create a Yammer account before they are listed as members of your group.

How to delete a group

To delete a group, follow these steps:
  1. Browse to the group's page, and then in the group header section, click Settings next to Joined.
  2. On the group Settings page, click Delete Group in the lower-right corner.

Note To delete a group, you must be the group administrator or a network administrator.

How to join or leave a group

To join or leave a group, follow these steps:
  1. To see a list of the groups in your network, click Groups Directory in the left-side column. Depending on whether you are a member of the group already, you'll see Join or Joined next to each group that's listed.
  2. When you rest the mouse pointer over Joined, the text changes to Leave, and this gives you the option to leave the group directly from that screen.
You can immediately join or leave any group when you click either button, except with private groups. To join private groups, the group administrator must accept your request to join. You can also leave or join a group by going to its homepage and by then clicking Join in the upper-right header section.

How to post in a group

To post in a group, follow these steps:
  1. Click anywhere in the Share an Update box on your My Feed screen.
  2. After you type your message, click My Colleagues under the text field.
  3. In the drop-down list, select the group that you want your message to be sent to, and then click Update. Or, you can post a message in a group directly from the group's homepage.
You can also post to a group by typing to:groupname, where groupname represents the name of the group that you want to post to. Anything that you type after this text will be listed as a message in that group. You can find the short group name that you should use to post from your My Feed screen by going to the group's homepage.

How to use email to send a group message

When you use email to post to a group, use the following formatting:
Note that is a placeholder for your company's domain name. You can also find the address at the top of a group's homepage. Remember that all punctuation and spaces within group names are deleted. For example, if you're using email to send to the “Sales-Leads” group, address the email to the following:
Note The hyphen (-) from "Sales-Leads" is deleted.

Be aware that posting a message to the All Company Group doesn’t mean that your whole organization automatically sees it. Although everyone in your company has access, most people view messages through their My Feed screen. Your message will be delivered to your colleagues only if it’s relevant to them or if they follow you on Yammer.


Groups are a great way to reach a more targeted audience within your Yammer network. By default on your network, there will be an All Company group, and additional groups can be created as public or private.

The All Company group is the default group that everyone posts in. Like any other group, it contains messages posted directly to it. Messages that you post are delivered to your followers and to other people who might find them useful. Messages that are posted in a public group will appear in the My Feed screen of every member of the group. People outside the public group can view messages that are posted in the group by browsing to the group's homepage through the Groups Directory.

On the other hand, messages that are posted in private groups will appear only on the My Feed screen of every member of the group. These messages cannot be seen by users who aren't members of the group. Similarly, non-members of these private groups won't see messages when they go to a private group’s page. Group admins or network admins can decide who can invite other members to the group and whether other members of the network can join the private group without an invitation from the admins.

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