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The mirror functionality is a feature to distribute definition updates to Linux clients running System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection (SCEP) that do not have an Internet connection. The procedure in this article outlines the steps to setup a mirror on a Linux server running System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for Linux, as well as the steps to configure Linux clients to retrieve definition updates from the mirror.

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Configuring the mirror

Note that the Mirror must be configured on a Linux machine with SCEP for Linux installed.

1. Complete the steps below using an account with root privileges:

- Edit the scep.cfg file located in /etc/opt/microsoft/scep.
- Scroll down until you see the [fac] section and paste in the lines below. The text in Italic must be replaced according to your environment.

# Settings for Mirror http daemon
# agent_enabled = yes/no
# Enables operation of the mirror http daemon.
agent_enabled = yes

# listen_addr = "address"
# Address (IP or name) where agent listens for client connections. Empty means on all available interfaces.
listen_addr = ""

# listen_port = port
# TCP port where agent listens for client connections.
# You may have to open this port in your firewall.
listen_port = 2221

# timeout_client = time
# Timeout for client part of the communication.
timeout_client = 30

# auth_mode = "none"/"basic"
# Mirror access authentication mode.
auth_mode = "none"

# username and password needed for accessing the interface (necessary only if auth_mode="basic").
#username = ""
#password = ""

2. Save the scep.cfg with the above changes.

3. Restart the scep service with the below command:

service scep restart

4. Update the definitions

5. When the definitions are updated successfully, verify that the below folder contains nup files:


If you can access the below URL, your Mirror is setup correctly:


Configuring the clients

1. Edit the scep.cfg located in /etc/opt/microsoft/scep. Scroll down to the Update Options and paste below lines, replace the Italic text according to your Mirror Server.

# av_update_server = "server"
# Server used to update anti-virus modules,
# empty string means - autoselect.
av_update_server = ""

# if the authentication setting of the Mirror is set to basic, uncomment the av_update_username and av_update_password and enter the appropriate credentials
# av_update_username = "username"
# Username used in authentication against av_update_server.
#av_update_username = ""

# av_update_password = "password"
# Password used in authentication against av_update_server.
#av_update_password = ""

2. Restart the scep service with the below command:

service scep restart

Update the definitions.

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  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for Linux
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