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Following is part 1 of a list of fixes and other various improvements that have been made in Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft SQL Server 2000. For more information, contact your primary support provider. For additional listings, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
300538  ( ) INF: List of Bugs Fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 (2 of 2)
300634  ( ) INFO: List of Bugs Fixed in MDAC 2.6 Service Pack 1
To determine which Service Pack level your SQL Server server is currently running, run the following statement from the SQL Server Query Analyzer window:
   SELECT @@version
The result of this query is:
   8.00.194 if SQL Server 2000 with no service pack applied
   8.00.384 if SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1
Please note that the workarounds described in these articles are provided for information only. You do not need to implement these workarounds if you have the updated software.

For more information about each corrected problem in Service Pack 1 for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (build 8.00.384), either click the link or use the Qxxxxxx number to query for the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

To view the Service Pack 1 Readme.txt file that accompanies the Service Pack 1, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
300516  ( ) INF: Readme.txt File for SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1
For additional information on obtaining SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
290211  ( ) INF: How to Obtain the Latest SQL Server 2000 Service Pack

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Service Pack 1

SQL Server 2000

Bug ID:135046
288188  ( ) FIX: DTS Package Reports Success When FTP Task Doesn't Transfer All Files
Bug ID:201136
290915  ( ) FIX: CREATE for Existing Object with IDENTITY Column Causes Duplicate IDENTITY Values
Bug ID:203148
285544  ( ) FIX: Dividing 0 by a Negative Decimal or Numeric Number Results in -0
Bug ID:217586
293849  ( ) FIX: Statistics Maintenance Creates Significant Bottleneck on SQL Servers that Use 16 or More CPUs
Bug ID:218543
275618  ( ) FIX: Cannot Set SQLServerAgent Password to More Than 16 Characters in Enterprise Manager
Bug ID:218599
279015  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Does Not Run RESTOREVERIFYONLY When Scheduling a Back Up in SQL Enterprise Manager
Bug ID:230243
295378  ( ) FIX: SQLAgent Job with Recurring Schedule Is Disabled Upon Completion of the Schedule for the Day
Bug ID:234529
299649  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Agent Fails with Error Message: "Unable to replicate a view or function"
Bug ID:234551, 235869
281287  ( ) FIX: Msg 8964 on Index with IGNORE_DUP_KEY and Row Has a Text Column
Bug ID:234619
295120  ( ) FIX: OK Button for Changing the Recovery Model or the Compatibility Level in SQL Enterprise Manager is Disabled
Bug ID:234633
280747  ( ) FIX: UPDATE Statement on a Clustered Index Key Fails with Error 547
Bug ID:234652
295936  ( ) FIX: Error Removing Log Shipping on Secondary Database When Database Name Has a Quote
Bug ID:234705
286119  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Behavior in SQL Server Profiler Event Generation
Bug ID:234858
295047  ( ) FIX: Full-Text Indexes Are Scripted Before Table Indexes Causing DB Creation Script Failure
Bug ID:234864
295048  ( ) FIX: Cannot Script Full-Text Indexes for Tables with No Primary Keys Even if Another Unique Index Exists
Bug ID:234991
291277  ( ) FIX: ServerNet II Library Does Not Display if Giganet Driver is Not Available
Bug ID:235019
290916  ( ) FIX: fn_virtualfilestats Skips the Last File
Bug ID:235027
298923  ( ) FIX: sp_MsHelpmergeconflictcounts Returns No Row Against the Chinese Name Table on English Windows 2000
Bug ID:235040
290128  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Resource DLL May Fail to Log to the Event Viewer in a Cluster
Bug ID:235056
300380  ( ) FIX: Intense Database Backup Stress Causes BackupSync to Generate an Assertion when Releasing Memory
Bug ID:235060
294985  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Agent Proxy Account Not Cleaned Up When Instance Is Uninstalled
Bug ID:235085
289851  ( ) FIX: Creating a New Unique Named Pipe Alias Displays the Default Pipe Value Instead of the Entered Value
Bug ID:235091
303228  ( ) FIX: Queue Reader Agent Fails if the Distributor is a Clustered SQL Server
Bug ID:235118
290414  ( ) FIX: Index Tuning Wizard Fails to Remove Hypothetical Clustered Indexes
Bug ID:235175
295668  ( ) FIX: Transaction Replication to DB2 Subscribers Incorrectly Map Tinyint Data Type if You Use DTS to Transform Published Data
Bug ID:235210
300388  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Profiler Stops Responding When Saving Output to Hard Disk That Is Out of Space
Bug ID:235253
300391  ( ) FIX: Profiler Replay Output File Does not Show Events When Looking at Properties
Bug ID:235295
287234  ( ) FIX: No Vertical Scroll Bar in DTS Dynamic Properties Task Properties Dialog Box
Bug ID:235326
299543  ( ) FIX: ActiveX Transformation Function Not Triggered if LastRow Option in DTS Transform Data Task Is Less Than or Equal to Actual Number of Source Table Rows
Bug ID:235343, 353327, 353326
272737  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Profiler Generates Error when Reading Trace Files that Exceed 1023 SPIDs
Bug ID:235348
290369  ( ) FIX: Updates to New Column Added to Merge Publication Article are not Replicated
Bug ID:235377
301579  ( ) FIX: "Unspecified error" Raised When Working with DTS Packages on Localized SQL Server 2000
Bug ID:235391
299323  ( ) FIX : DBCC CHECKTABLE May Fail if Corruption Exists in Indexes
Bug ID:235394
299362  ( ) FIX: Failover of a SQL Virtual Server Causes Problems with Active Directory Integration
Bug ID:235408
295051  ( ) FIX: Changing SQL Server Account to Non-Admin for Full-Text Search Makes Existing Catalogs Unusable
Bug ID:235412
295461  ( ) FIX: Profiler Fails To Start New Trace When User Environment Variable Has Been Changed
Bug ID:235435
292237  ( ) FIX: xp_startmail Does Not Start Default Profile on Nondefault Instance
Bug ID:235489
271945  ( ) FIX: SQL Agent Appends Garbled Characters to Output File
Bug ID:235494
287405  ( ) FIX: Access Violation Occurs When You Use the Server Network Utility Without Administrator Privileges on Computer
Bug ID:235501
290055  ( ) FIX: Error Message: "The process can not add message to message queue. The step failed"
Bug ID:235508
285290  ( ) FIX: Complex ANSI Join Query with Distributed Queries May Cause Handled Access Violation
Bug ID:235565
298835  ( ) FIX: Delete From Partition View that Contains Text or Image Data May Cause Error
Bug ID:235577
299857  ( ) FIX: Trigger May Not Fire if Query Plan Uses CONSTANT SCAN Operator
Bug ID:235592
284440  ( ) FIX: UPDATE with CASE Statement That Uses NEWID() Function Causes Errors 8951, 8952, 8955 and 8956
Bug ID:235596
286503  ( ) FIX: Publication Options Disabled When Create Publication Wizard Launched from DTS Import/Export Wizard
Bug ID:235696
295114  ( ) FIX: SELECT * FROM SYSINDEXES On a Database Upgraded From SQL Server 7.0 May Cause an Access Violation
Bug ID:235700
287167  ( ) FIX: Some Full-Text Search Failures Do Not Set @@ERROR
Bug ID:235701
291276  ( ) FIX: Startup Stored Procedures Don't Execute with AWE Support Enabled
Bug ID:235717
297369  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Error Occurs When You Add Merge Article to a Publication with NO SYNC Subscriber
Bug ID:235751
289878  ( ) FIX: Locking on File Header Pages Is Reported Incorrectly
Bug ID:235754
291001  ( ) INF: How to Use sp_scriptdynamicupdproc to Improve the Performance of Update Custom Procedures in SQL Server 2000 Transactional Replication
Bug ID:235838
278978  ( ) FIX: SELECT May Not Return All Rows if It Contains a Large Number of Values in an IN Clause on a NUMERIC Column
Bug ID:235843
286750  ( ) FIX: Data Transfer Using ODBC Driver for SQL Server Fails
Bug ID:235865
295002  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 2000 Setup Does Not Install Jet Drivers Help File
Bug ID:235883
286773  ( ) FIX: DTS FTP Task Does Not Behave as Expected if Destination Is Out of Space or the Destination File Exists
Bug ID:235884
293223  ( ) FIX: Problems Saving DTS Packages to Visual Basic Files Using the DTS User Interface
Bug ID:235895
287713  ( ) FIX: Problems with DTS UI Help Topics
Bug ID:235974
295027  ( ) INF: Limited Support for Savepoint in Distributed Transactions in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1
Bug ID:236001
276043  ( ) FIX: Error Message 5180 May Occur When You Retrieve Text or Image Data
Bug ID:236010
300172  ( ) FIX: sp_addmergearticle May Fail with Error 20009 if Article Added Is Vertically Filtered
Bug ID:236030
299462  ( ) FIX: Dump of Internal Structures while Users Connect or Disconnect May Cause Access Violation
Bug ID:236045
295466  ( ) FIX: Affinity Mask Option in sp_configure Does Not Support 32 Processors
Bug ID:236046
299466  ( ) FIX: Running Stack Dumper Causes Memory Leak of Virtual Bytes
Bug ID:236053
294311  ( ) FIX: Trigger Does Not Return Expected Duplicate Key Insert Error to Client
Bug ID:236072
292454  ( ) FIX: Update Queries with OpenXML Table Aliases Cause Access Violation
Bug ID:236087
274224  ( ) FIX: Using SQL Server 2000 Merge Modules May Result in Confusing Message
Bug ID:236107
274329  ( ) FIX: Optimizer Slow to Generate Query Plan for Complex Queries that have Many Joins and Semi-Joins
Bug ID:236111
294388  ( ) FIX: Reading Perflib Registry Values Terminates SQL Server Startup with Fatal Exception
Bug ID:236112
274330  ( ) FIX: Sending Open Files as Attachment in SQL Mail Fails with Error 18025
Bug ID:236115
290082  ( ) FIX: Failed Server-Side Retail Assertion in Merge Replication with SQL Server CE Clients
Bug ID:236124
286268  ( ) FIX: User and Owner Passwords are Dimmed When You Save a Package as a File By Using DTSWIZ
Bug ID:236129
295551  ( ) FIX: Text Pasted in Query Analyzer Result Window Is Not Visible
Bug ID:236137
286234  ( ) FIX: Suboptimal Execution Plan on an Indirect UPDATE to an Indexed View
Bug ID:236142
285006  ( ) FIX: XML Parsing Error 6603 or Truncated Text Data with OPENXML
Bug ID:236167
274266  ( ) FIX: Data Modification Query with a Distinct Subquery on a View May Cause Error 3624
Bug ID:236173
298830  ( ) FIX: Error Message: "Cannot Start 'Config XML support in IIS for SQL Server'"
Bug ID:236178
275900  ( ) FIX: Linked Server Query with Hyphen in LIKE Clause May Run Slowly
Bug ID:236191
280744  ( ) FIX: Update Query Returns Error 1903 if Temporary Composite Index Over 900 Bytes
Bug ID:236195
300500  ( ) FIX: Server Name is not Being Populated on the Client Side (UI or File) in SQL Server Profiler
Bug ID:236220
288340  ( ) FIX: Errors in Transform Failure Function Are Logged When They Should Be Ignored
Bug ID:236230
290080  ( ) FIX: Assert Occurs When You Try to Alter a Database and Trace Flag 902 is Enabled
Bug ID:236233
290083  ( ) FIX: FOR XML EXPLICIT: Conflict Attribute in xmltext Is Not Overwritten if xmltext Contains DBCS
Bug ID:236274
293155  ( ) FIX: BCP with Format File and -R Parameter Ignores Regional Settings
Bug ID:236293
278509  ( ) FIX: Distribution Agent Ignores Quoted Identifier Option on Initial Sync to Oracle Subscribers
Bug ID:236309
274773  ( ) FIX: If You Change Windows Security to Windows/SQL Security the SA Password is Blank
Bug ID:236325
276329  ( ) FIX: Complex Distinct or Group By Query Can Return Unexpected Results with Parallel Execution Plan
Bug ID:236329
290415  ( ) FIX: Use of the Jet Provider to Query a Linked Server Text File from SQL Server May Be Very Slow
Bug ID:236374
290351  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Assertion During Distributed Transaction
Bug ID:236375
289893  ( ) FIX: Current Row's Time if Empty Is Replaced by Previous Row's Time in Bulk Copy
Bug ID:236394
293464  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Does Not Log Conflicts after Successively Adding and Dropping Columns
Bug ID:236400
275901  ( ) FIX: SQL RPC That Raises Error Will Mask @@ERROR with Msg 7221
Bug ID:236421
300183  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Cluster Resource Fails to Come Online Until Cluster Service Is Restarted
Bug ID:236443
279296  ( ) FIX: Using ALTER TABLE to Change Column Type Can Result in Unexpected NULL Values on INSERT
Bug ID:236453
280294  ( ) FIX: SQL Server ODBC Driver Reuses Incorrect Parameter Length
Bug ID:236456
294420  ( ) FIX: Logreader Fails to Select Text Data that is Inserted by SQL Server 6.5 Bcp Utility
Bug ID:236457
277640  ( ) FIX: Denial of Service Attack with NULL Bytes in RPC Request
298012  ( ) Malformed RPC Request Can Cause Service Problems
Bug ID:236561
295373  ( ) FIX: Creating Indexes in Parallel May Fail with Deadlock on Sysindexes
Bug ID:236588
279659  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 2000 Takes Much Longer to Compile the Query Against Local Partitioned View Than SQL Server 7.0
Bug ID:236595
288957  ( ) FIX: Multiple Calls To a User Defined Function Within an Aggregate Function May Return Incorrect Results
Bug ID:236625
267953  ( ) FIX: Interleaving Prepare And Adhoc Execute of Query May Cause Recompile Loop
Bug ID:236630
290353  ( ) FIX: Updating View Based on Partitioned View May Result in Assertion
Bug ID:236633
293329  ( ) FIX: Attaching Database Files Saved In Different Disk Folders Through SQL Enterprise Manager
Bug ID:236658
301627  ( ) FIX: Error Message: "ICE03 Invalid template string" Reported by MSIVal2
Bug ID:236652
281293  ( ) FIX: SQL Mail 2000 Needs Microsoft Outlook 2000 Client
Bug ID:236682
297104  ( ) FIX: Backup or Restore Using Large Transaction Logs May Return Error 3241
Bug ID:236752
293784  ( ) FIX: Unable to Drop a Catalog When Disk Is Full
Bug ID:236753
278698  ( ) FIX: Exception Access Violation Encountered During Compile of Hash Match Team Plan
Bug ID:236765
279295  ( ) FIX: Parallel Index Creation on Large SMP Hardware Can Cause Handled Access Violation
Bug ID:300104
286775  ( ) FIX: Creating a Publication From Within DTSWIZ Fails with "Error 496: General Error" Error Message
Bug ID:300108
293489  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication with Dynamic Filters May Cause MMC to Fail
Bug ID:350775
279183  ( ) FIX: Scripting Object with Several Extended Properties May Cause Exception
Bug ID:350799
279293  ( ) FIX: CASE Using LIKE with Empty String Can Result in Access Violation or Abnormal Server Shutdown
Bug ID:350879
279123  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 2000 Uninstallation May Break SQL Server CE Replication
Bug ID:350886, 236168
292456  ( ) FIX: GetColumnInfo Returns Incorrect Column Information
Bug ID:350894
294783  ( ) FIX: Addition of a Column to an Incrementally Added Article Prior to Snapshot Generation Fails
Bug ID:350896
299914  ( ) FIX: Executing MAX or MIN Aggregate Functions on Column with Hypothetical Clustered Index May Result in CPU SPIN
Bug ID:350899
299470  ( ) FIX: SELECT with Distinct and Self Loop Join May Cause 1203 Error Message
Bug ID:350911
292637  ( ) FIX: Unicode Character String Longer Than Seven Bytes in a LIKE Clause Is Truncated in Execution Plan
Bug ID:350912
288174  ( ) FIX: Modifying a Table with DRI Cascade That Is Involved in an Indexed View May Cause Msg 8624
Bug ID:350933
287401  ( ) FIX: Unable to Use GOTO in an Execute SQL Task of a DTS Package
Bug ID:350958
297156  ( ) FIX: Snapshot Agent Error Occurs While Adding Table with a Space in Name to an Existing Merge Publication
Bug ID:350970
300217  ( ) FIX: "Update Index in Background" Option in Change Tracking May Not Work if Very Low Disk Space Detected
Bug ID:350984
300037  ( ) FIX: Error 229 "EXECUTE permission denied on object xp_mapdown_bitmap" on Merge Published Table
Bug ID:351022
285979  ( ) FIX: Changing Autostart Options for Named Instances Change Autostart Settings for the Default Instance
Bug ID:351023
303119  ( ) FIX: Upgrade to SQL Server 2000 Cluster Does Not Add All SQL Server Resource Dependencies
Bug ID:351025
279338  ( ) FIX: DBCC CHECKCONSTRAINTS Does Not Handle Names with Special Characters
Bug ID:351080
291275  ( ) FIX: sp_replsetoriginator May Generate Access Violation in Bidirectional Transactional Replication
Bug ID:351081
290592  ( ) FIX: Full-Text Rows Missing After Crawl Due to Full Disk
Bug ID:351097
295030  ( ) FIX: Index Tuning Wizard Execution May Generate Floating Point Exception
Bug ID:351119
299382  ( ) FIX: Zeros Incorrectly Removed from the Binary Column in SQL Profiler
Bug ID:351128
279804  ( ) FIX: INSERT Statement Incorrectly Conflicts with Constraint
Bug ID:351140
279867  ( ) FIX: Sending Maintenance Report by E-mail to Operator Fails in Maintenance Plan
Bug ID:351147
282416  ( ) FIX: Opening the Database Folder in SQL Server Enterprise Manager 2000 Takes a Long Time
Bug ID:351185
293345  ( ) FIX: ANSI Script from Profiler Cannot be Opened in Query Analyzer
Bug ID:351188, 351189
280380  ( ) FIX: Buffer Overflow Exploit Possible with Extended Stored Procedures
Bug ID:351196
280846  ( ) FIX: Merge Snapshot Agent May Fail With Syntax Error Message When Published Table Contains Computed Columns
Bug ID:351222
282455  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Fails to Start When Computer Binds 48 or More Socket Addresses
Bug ID:351225
282243  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Results with Join of Column Converted to Binary
Bug ID:351229
295039  ( ) FIX: Assertion Raised When DELETE Is Performed on a Table Joined with a View
Bug ID:351230
288996  ( ) FIX: System View Sysopentapes Can Be Dropped
Bug ID:351235
289551  ( ) FIX: Generate SQL Script in Enterprise Manager Generates Scripts in Wrong Sequence if the Table has User-Defined Function as Computed Column
Bug ID:351242
293761  ( ) FIX: Dynamic Filtered Tables Do Not Replicate Data From Joined Tables to SQL Server CE Subscribers
Bug ID:351243
287606  ( ) FIX: Enterprise Manager Reports Table Sizes That Are Inconsistent as Compared to sp_spaceused
Bug ID:351259
286255  ( ) FIX: UNION Query Returns Internal Query Processor Error Message 8623
Bug ID:351266
290642  ( ) FIX: Exists with Full Outer Join May Generate Access Violation
Bug ID:351268, 351286
281843  ( ) FIX: SQLDMO GetProcessInputBuffer Returns Incorrect Result
Bug ID:351300
294970  ( ) FIX: Distribution Agent Fails with Syntax Error with Compensating Commands for Queued Updating Subscribers
Bug ID:351305
286249  ( ) FIX: Complex Update Statement Returns 8624 Internal SQL Server Error
Bug ID:351307
299366  ( ) FIX: Calling Remote Stored Procedure Inside Local Stored Procedure While Passing Text Parameter Causes AV
Bug ID:351327
294415  ( ) FIX: Resource Does Not Failover Immediately if an Error is Encountered by the Resource DLL
Bug ID:351328
295032  ( ) FIX: Job Step Fails if First INSERT of Batch Job Encounters a Msg 3604 Error
Bug ID:351337
295325  ( ) FIX: Replication in Turkish Collation Fails with Error Message: "Error 21112: '-PollingInterval' is not a valid parameter for the Log Reader Agent"
Bug ID:351342
281238  ( ) FIX: xp_findnextmsg Does Not Return a Value for @msg_id Parameter on Output
Bug ID:351343
281239  ( ) FIX: xp_findnextmsg Returns Multiple Rows When No Parameters Are Specified
Bug ID:351363
282229  ( ) FIX: SP_OA Procedures Leak Memory and Cause Various Errors
Bug ID:351373
284228  ( ) INF: New Trace Flag to Enhance Stored Procedure Replication
Bug ID:351375
282279  ( ) FIX: Execution of sp_OACreate on COM Object Without Type Information Causes Server Shut Down
Bug ID:351376
286565  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Process Terminates Attempting to Reset from an sp_OA Based Batch
Bug ID:351394, 352221
288122  ( ) FIX: Lock Monitor Uses Excessive CPU
Bug ID:351407
288189  ( ) FIX: DTS FTP Task May Fail to Download Files After a Network Problem
Bug ID:351431
299361  ( ) FIX: Timestamp Column Truncated When Replicating with Sybase Using Merant OLEDB Provider
Bug ID:351441
283825  ( ) FIX: DBCC DBREINDEX Does Not Keep Original Fillfactor
Bug ID:351450, 352729
293328  ( ) FIX: Update Query Does Not Execute Correctly
Bug ID:351471
292455  ( ) FIX: OSQL Does Not Display Column Names for Query
Bug ID:351474
289149  ( ) FIX: A Query That Uses Hash Match Teams May Fail with 8630 Error Message
Bug ID:351486
299865  ( ) FIX: DMO BulkCopy fails to copy data when column names contain the space character
Bug ID:351502
286253  ( ) FIX: Multiple SQL Agent Jobs Launched At The Same Time May Fail With Primary Key Error Message
Bug ID:351513
286788  ( ) FIX: Server Side Cursor May Return Incorrect Results
Bug ID:351566
282982  ( ) FIX: Suboptimal Performance Using a Cursor to Update a Heap Involved in an Indexed View
Bug ID:351620
291780  ( ) FIX: DTS Transfer Objects May Fail if Dependent Objects Are Not in Alphabetical Order
Bug ID:351634, 351180
290917  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Identity Values After Failed Unique Index Creation
Bug ID:351653
290643  ( ) FIX: Microsoft Search Service Cannot be Stopped During Large Population
Bug ID:351658
299544  ( ) FIX: Correlated Subquery Containing UNION ALL May Cause Access Violation
Bug ID:351669
294459  ( ) FIX: Can't Use Four-Part Name to Query Oracle Table if Name Contains Lowercase Characters
Bug ID:351682
290058  ( ) FIX: SQL Mail Procedures May Intermittently Fail with Error 0x8004010f
Bug ID:351686
286774  ( ) FIX: SQL Server 2000 Cluster Setup Fails with "Entry Point for DllCNVREM.dll not found" Error Message
Bug ID:351698
293758  ( ) FIX: Nullability Changes not Handled by SQL Server with Linked Server Queries to DB2
Bug ID:351714
285952  ( ) FIX: NO_TRUNCATE May Be Added to Backup Log Statement when You Perform a Log Backup from SEM
Bug ID:351729
291376  ( ) FIX: Cannot Use Dynamic SQL Statements Within OPENQUERY
Bug ID:351736
295053  ( ) FIX: OPENXML May Leak Worktables in Memory
Bug ID:351754
289880  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Assertion Failure Occurs if Recovery Model of TempDB is not SIMPLE
Bug ID:351761
285870  ( ) FIX: Update With Self Join May Update Incorrect Number Of Rows
Bug ID:351773
292755  ( ) FIX: Full-Text Queries May Return "Unspecified Error" Error Message
Bug ID:351791
290921  ( ) FIX: UPPER and LOWER Functions Return Metadata Length as if DBCS Were Used
Bug ID:351797
289739  ( ) FIX: Distributed Query with Optika Provider May Return Incorrect Results
Bug ID:351829
275145  ( ) FIX: Only One SQL Server Performance Condition Alert Is Treated As Active
Bug ID:351866, 351704
295034  ( ) FIX: Microsoft Search Service May Cause 100% CPU Usage if BUILTIN\Administrators Login Is Removed
Bug ID:351892
286737  ( ) FIX: FetchBufferSize Greater than Certain Number Fails to Transfer all Rows and Does Not Return an Error
Bug ID:351894
280720  ( ) FIX: xp_sendmail Generates UNICODE CSV File Format
Bug ID:351901
289475  ( ) FIX: SQLAgent Incorrectly Uses TLSAlloc for Transact-SQL Jobs Causing all TLS Slots to be Exhausted
Bug ID:351918
295037  ( ) FIX: MERGE UNION Is Not Used with Large Number of UNION Clauses
Bug ID:351920
290085  ( ) FIX: Extended Stored Procedure "xp_logevent" Generates an Access Violation when Given Too Large a Parameter
Bug ID:351927
294338  ( ) FIX: xp_enumgroups Generates an Access Violation when Passed a Large Parameter
Bug ID:351939
286749  ( ) FIX: Table Creation, Row Insertion, and Index Creation Inside Transaction, Followed By Addition of Constraint May Result in Consistency Errors
Bug ID:351941
293292  ( ) FIX: DBCC CHECKDB May Produce an Access Violation When Database Is in Use
Bug ID:351948
290644  ( ) FIX: DTSRun.exe Causes Access Violation on SMP Computers
Bug ID:351952
290739  ( ) FIX: Iterating Through SQL Mail Messages Using Extended Procedures Takes Longer in SQL Server 2000
Bug ID:351953
290210  ( ) FIX: Removal of Full-Text Index May Incorrectly Remove Rows From sysdepends System Table
Bug ID:351984
299448  ( ) FIX: Subquery That References Table with No Statistics and Returns Empty Result Set May Cause AV
Bug ID:351990
291851  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Stored Procedures May Be Scripted Incorrectly When an Article is in Two Publications
Bug ID:352016
299937  ( ) FIX: Changes to Indexed View Article of a Transactional Publication Are Not Saved
Bug ID:352024
298402  ( ) INF: Understanding How to Set the SQL Server I/O Affinity Option
Bug ID:352036
289691  ( ) FIX: Sysprocesses Is Incorrectly Showing Rollback Status Even Though the Transaction Is Not Rolling Back
Bug ID:352038
303224  ( ) FIX: Use of the Copy Database Wizard to Copy a Database Disables Full-Text Indexing on the Source Database
Bug ID:352051
299787  ( ) FIX: Skewed Replication Statistics in Output File When Running Agent Continuously
Bug ID:352074
290077  ( ) FIX: DTS Scheduled Job Does Not Complete After First Run
Bug ID:352077
291540  ( ) FIX: Instead of Triggers that Use Work Tables Cause a Memory Leak
Bug ID:352081
300272  ( ) FIX: Transfer of a View that Contains a UDF by Using DTS Export Data Fails with Error 208
Bug ID:352082
300194  ( ) FIX: Error 644 Using Two Indexes on a Column with Uppercase Preference Sort Order
Bug ID:352091
288426  ( ) FIX: Alerts Triggered Incorrectly When Security Auditing is Enabled
Bug ID:352092
295045  ( ) FIX: SELECT DISTINCT Returns Incorrect Results in SQL_Latin1_General_Pref_Cp1_CI_AS Collation
Bug ID:352098
290918  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Behavior of LIKE [-] When Using an Index
Bug ID:352099
294929  ( ) FIX: MSDE Installation Contains the Wrong Icon for the Service Manager
Bug ID:352114
299889  ( ) FIX: Full Population May Not Complete if Microsoft Search Service Is Stopped and Restarted
Bug ID:352142
289472  ( ) FIX: SQLAgent Exception Occurs when the System Maintains 613, 2661 or 4709 Jobs
Bug ID:352148
290413  ( ) FIX: DB-Library sp_cursor Fails with Error Message 16933 if Bracketed Identifiers are Passed with the Tablename Parameter
Bug ID:352211
290645  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Active Directory Registration Always Reports Success
Bug ID:352213
300180  ( ) FIX: sp_MSexpandnotbelongs May Be Called at Publisher Due to Invalid Evaluation of Join Filter
Bug ID:352217
292761  ( ) FIX: xp_startmail Error Message Does Not Indicate Problem
Bug ID:352230
302421  ( ) FIX: Query Issued Against Two Instances of the Same Table May Cause an Access Violation
Bug ID:352255
292737  ( ) FIX: Drag and Drop Object Type Node to the Editor in Query Analyzer Returns Error Message
Bug ID:352264
291274  ( ) FIX: Correlated Subquery on Partitioned Views with Text Operations May Cause Access Violation
Bug ID:352271
291273  ( ) FIX: SQLMail Incorrectly Uses Default Mail Profile
Bug ID:352297
293166  ( ) FIX: Parallel Modification Operation May Spin Trying to Release Locks
Bug ID:352303
294999  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Fails to Start with \f Option on Computers with Many CPUs
Bug ID:352312
290814  ( ) FIX: xp_readmail Leaks Memory if Message Contains Attachment
Bug ID:352320
293430  ( ) FIX: SEM New SQL Server Registration Using Long Server Name Fails with Access Violation
Bug ID:352326
298803  ( ) FIX: Coalesce with Subquery May Generate an Access Violation
Bug ID:352345
291566  ( ) FIX: Parallel Plan for Index Creation of Non-Clustered Index May Result in Use of Pages That are not Allocated
Bug ID:352358
300056  ( ) FIX: Merge Metadata Cleanup May Cause Subscriber Transaction Log to Grow Quickly
Bug ID:352372
292753  ( ) FIX: Some Object Browser Folders Cannot Be Scripted
Bug ID:352404
291235  ( ) FIX: Query Analyzer Hangs After You Drag && Drop Files Into the Query Editor and You Close One of the Newly Created Windows
Bug ID:352492
296685  ( ) FIX: Cannot Execute SELECT COUNT(*) Against DB2 on Mainframe Using Four-Part Name
Bug ID:352500, 351440
288330  ( ) FIX: FTP Task in DTS Deletes File from the Destination Folder After the Package Completes Execution
Bug ID:352501
294902  ( ) FIX : Rollback to Savepoint Causes Assertion and Errors
Bug ID:352555
295022  ( ) FIX: Sqlmaint.exe Is Not Available with MSDE 2000
Bug ID:352575, 352695
293232  ( ) FIX: Undetected Deadlock Occurs When Lock Owner Is Waiting on CXPACKET
Bug ID:352606
299602  ( ) FIX: Extended Stored Procedure xp_sendmail Does Not Handle DBCS Correctly
Bug ID:352608
295459  ( ) FIX: sp_helptext Fails with Invalid Length Parameter Error
Bug ID:352640
286286  ( ) FIX: LOCK_TIMEOUT Causes Transaction to Roll Back and @@error Does Not Capture Error 1222
Bug ID:352700
294874  ( ) FIX: Combination of Multiple EXIST, OR, and Subquery Clauses May Give a Sub-Optimal Plan
Bug ID:352705
294787  ( ) FIX: Update Plan with User Defined Function May Fail to Find a Plan
Bug ID:352735
293632  ( ) FIX: EventSubClass Column Incorrect for Deadlock Chain Events
Bug ID:352765, 353201
298951  ( ) FIX: Snapshot Agent for Merge Publication May Fail with 107 Error
Bug ID:352793
293484  ( ) FIX: Incorrect Record is Deleted or Updated When a Clustered Index is in Descending Order
Bug ID:352799
295644  ( ) FIX: Transaction Log Restores May Fail with 3456 Error
Bug ID:352807
295046  ( ) FIX: OLE Automation Fails When Calling ADODB.Connection Methods
Bug ID:352826
299285  ( ) FIX: Query with Complex Correlated Subquery May Cause Unexpected Results in Aggregate Functions
Bug ID:352830
295055  ( ) FIX: sp_OAMethod Does Not Convert Numeric Datatype Correctly
Bug ID:352839
294872  ( ) FIX: Update on a Table with INT and BIT Columns May Zero Out INT Columns
Bug ID:352847
302409  ( ) FIX: Unable to Connect to SQL Server 2000 When Certificate Authority Name Is the Same As the Host Name of the Windows 2000 Computer
Bug ID:352867
295023  ( ) FIX: "SET ROWCOUNT" May Cause Data to be Unreadable
Bug ID:352935
295113  ( ) FIX: Corrupted TDS Packets Cause Access Violation in SQL Server
Bug ID:352963
299903  ( ) FIX: sp_scriptpublicationcustomprocs Generates Replication Stored Procedures
Bug ID:353011, 353081
294828  ( ) FIX: Passing a Large Command Line String to Query Analyzer Results in Assertion Failed
Bug ID:353031
294839  ( ) FIX: No Error Message Generated by Query Analyzer When You Try to Open a Database with a Name Greater Than 128 Characters
Bug ID:353107
295006  ( ) FIX : OSQL Utility Returns Incorrect Error Message
Bug ID:353170
294412  ( ) FIX: SQLAgent T-SQL Job Does Not Respect SET NOCOUNT ON When Sending Output to File
Bug ID:353206, 352955
294860  ( ) FIX: Modification Queries May Take Too Long to Compile if Halloween Protection is Required for Multiple Tables
Bug ID:353275
295193  ( ) FIX: Merge Module Sqlsvr.msm Fails Validation with ICE03
Bug ID:353324
295627  ( ) FIX: Xp_readmail May Cause System to Stop Responding in Windows 95 or Windows 98
Bug ID:353326
272737  ( ) FIX: SQL Server Profiler Generates Error when Reading Trace Files that Exceed 1023 SPIDs
Bug ID:353344
299620  ( ) FIX: Cannot Use a Profile Name Longer Than 32 Characters with SQL Mail
Bug ID:353394
296098  ( ) FIX: xp_sendmail Fails with the @attach_results Parameter on SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition
Bug ID:353405
299351  ( ) FIX: MSDE Installation Fails on Systems That Have SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 Installed
Bug ID:353492
300145  ( ) FIX: Merge Replication Conflict Viewer Resolves Data Conflicts Incorrectly
Bug ID:353641
296465  ( ) FIX: Mssearch.exe Memory Leak Occurs when Results are not Completely Processed
Bug ID:354039, 353802
299717  ( ) FIX: Query Method Used to Access Data May Allow Rights that the Login Might Not Normally Have
Bug ID:354604
301060  ( ) FIX: Import of Text File Results in Error "Column Delimiter not found"
Bug ID:46409
290646  ( ) FIX: SQLColAttribute Returns Incorrect Table Attributes When Table Name Contains a Period
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