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When pasting information into Microsoft Project from another program, the columns of information that you are copying must match the columns of information in the table in Microsoft Project that you are pasting into. Like Microsoft Excel, the information will be pasted into Microsoft Project starting at the upper-left cell of a selection. Unlike Excel, the remainder of a selection will be ignored and pasted information will merge into Microsoft Project, deleting the overwritten information.

Microsoft Project pastes information into the active table in a column for column format. It will take the first column of information from the Clipboard and try to put it in the first column of information in the active table. If it doesn't match, the information is discarded and the next column is processed until all the information is used from the Clipboard.


If you are pasting information into the default entry table in Microsoft Project, the information must be set up in the same way the entry table is in Microsoft Project (for example, ID, Name, Duration, etc.). If you leave out a column, the information that gets pasted in will not be what you expected.


In Excel, set up a table that looks like this:
      A        B
   -------- -------
   Task 1        2d
   Task 2        3d
   Task 3        4d
Copy this information to the Clipboard.

Paste the information into the default entry table in Microsoft Project.

Your results in Microsoft Project will look like the following:
   ID    Name     Duration
   1      2d          1d
   2      3d          1d
   3      4d          1d
Microsoft Project was looking for the ID column to be the first column of data that it received; instead, it saw the Names and put them in the ID column. It then took the durations and put them in the Task column and entered in the default durations when it didn't see a duration specified.

You always need to include the first column of information when pasting information into Microsoft Project even if that column is in Microsoft Project by default.

The information that would have worked in the above example is as follows:
   A       B        C
   --- ---------- -----
   1   Task 1       2d
   2   Task 2       3d
   3   Task 3       4d
This information would come across correctly when pasted into Microsoft Project.

  • Microsoft Project 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 98 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 4.1 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 1.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 3.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 4.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 3.0 for Macintosh
  • Microsoft Project 4.0 for Macintosh
  • Microsoft Project 2002 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Project 2002 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003
  • Microsoft Office Project Standard 2003
  • Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007
  • Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Project Standard 2010
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