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Resolution 19797 - Update the AR_BALANCES table to reset the Customer's LastAgeDate field. CORRECTION STEPS: 1. Make a BACKUP of the database, which can be restored in case an undesired data loss occurs. 2. Using Query Analyzer, access the appropriate Application database and run the following statement to update the LastAgeDate field in the AR_BALANCES table: UPDATE AR_BALANCES SET LastAgeDate = 'DD/MM/YYYY' from AR_BALANCES A, Customer C where A.CustID = C.CustID and C.StmtCycleID = 'Z' (where DD/MM/YYYY = the correct or current LastAgeDate, Z = the customer statement cycle ID ) 3. In Accounts Receivable, run Close Statement Cycle (08.590) again using the same business date as 'DD/MM/YYYY' in Step 1. 4. Generate Statements (08.600).

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