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Microsoft® has adopted a standardized file-naming schema for all software hotfix and update packages for the products that are listed in the "Applies to" section of this article. (They are referred to as "Microsoft Business Solutions CRM software hotfix and update packages.") The new naming schema started in February 2003 for all Microsoft Business Solutions CRM software hotfix and update packages that are created and distributed by Microsoft.

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Microsoft has adopted this file-naming schema for software hotfix and update packages for the following reasons:
  • Create consistency across Microsoft software hotfix and update packages.
  • Make it easier for searching for software hotfix and update packages and their associated Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.
  • Clearly identify the language of a sofware package and the intended operating system, when applicable.

Naming Schema Format

Microsoft uses the following schema to name Microsoft Business Solutions CRM software hotfix and update packages:


For example:

Naming Schema Details

The following sections provide the details about each part of the naming schema:


The product name, including the product version information. For Microsoft Business Solutions CRM, this attribute is one of the following:
  • CRM1.0
  • CRM1.2

This indicates that an article exists (together with the article number) in the Microsoft Knowledge Base that is associated with the update or hotfix.


This is an optional attribute used to differentiate software packages that address the same issue but are designed for different platforms. These include the following:
  • Server (for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Server)
  • Client (for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Sales for Outlook)
  • Router (for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM-Exchange E-mail Router)
  • Integration (for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Integration Server)
  • Migration (for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Data Migration)
  • Mobile (for Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Mobile)

The standard language name abbreviation that the software hotfix or update package is intended for.

For example:
ENU (for English)
RUS (for Russian)
HUN (for Hungarian)

Note The abbreviation INTL is used in cases where the software hotfix or update package applies to multiple languages. In cases where the software hotfix or update package applies to all languages, no standard language name abbreviation is used.


For additional information about the standard terminology that Microsoft is adopting to describe software updates, see:
824684  ( ) Description of the Standard Terminology That Is Used to Describe Microsoft Software Updates

Applies to
  • Microsoft CRM 1.2
  • Microsoft Business Solutions CRM 1.0
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