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Article ID: 922140 - Last Review: February 5, 2008 - Revision: 3.1


When you try to recover data that is associated with an inaccessible domain member account after you upload a new certificate to a Microsoft Office Groove Server Manager or a Groove Enterprise Management Server, you may receive the following error message:
Certificate Not Valid


When you upload a new passphrase or data recovery certificate to the Groove domain manager server or make other policy updates to the server, the client computer must connect to the server to receive those changes.

If the account has not logged in and successfully initiated a connection to the Groove domain manager server since the certificate was replaced, you cannot use the new certificate to recover data from that account. Because the certificate is seen as invalid, you receive the error message that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section.

Even if there are no problems with the network and all users are always logged in to Groove, load balancing can still cause a lag that lasts several hours between the update on the server and the update on the client computer. If an account is offline because of user absence or because of a lack of network access, the client information can be much older. To work around this issue, retain old certificates until you are sure that all members have received them.

  • Groove Enterprise Management Server 3.1
  • Groove Enterprise Management Server 3.0
  • Groove Enterprise Management Server 2.5
  • Groove Hosted Management Services 3.1
  • Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007 Manager
  • Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007
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