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Microsoft has released a service pack for Microsoft Expression Blend. This article includes information about how to obtain the service pack and about how to obtain a list of issues that the service pack fixes. Additionally, this article includes information about the issues that you may experience when you install the service pack and about how to determine whether the service pack is installed.


Microsoft Expression Blend Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains significant improvements to Expression Blend. These improvements are combined into a single update package.

More information

Service pack details

List of issues that the service pack fixes

Expression Blend SP1 fixes the issues that are described in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
944809  ( ) Issues that are fixed in Expression Blend Service Pack 1

Installation details

How to obtain and install the service pack

Expression Blend SP1 is available at the Microsoft Download Center. To download this service pack and to obtain installation instructions, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (

How to determine whether the service pack is installed

When you install this service pack, the files in the following table are updated to the versions that are listed. You do not have to install this service pack if you have later versions of the files that are listed in the table.
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File nameFile pathVersionSizeDate
Blend.exe \microsoft expression\blend 376,832 11/18/2007 \microsoft expression\blend 1.0Not Applicable47,569 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.blend.dll \microsoft expression\blend 98,304 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.blendbase.dll \microsoft expression\blend 45,056 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.code.dll \microsoft expression\blend 69,632 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.designmodel.dll \microsoft expression\blend 983,040 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.designsurface.dll \microsoft expression\blend 2,064,384 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.diagnostics.dll \microsoft expression\blend 69,632 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.framework.dll \microsoft expression\blend 471,040 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.interop.dll \microsoft expression\blend 31,744 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.licenseinstaller.dll \microsoft expression\blend 132,200 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.licensekeyinstaller.exe \microsoft expression\blend 20,080 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.licensing.dll \microsoft expression\blend 49,664 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.project.dll \microsoft expression\blend 245,760 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.visualstudioautomation.dll \microsoft expression\blend 19,456 11/18/2007
Microsoft.nautilus.composition \microsoft expression\blend 1.0Not Applicable76,519 11/18/2007
Microsoft.nautilus.compositionmodel.dll \microsoft expression\blend 69,632 11/18/2007
Microsoft.nautilus.text.dll \microsoft expression\blend 225,280 11/18/2007
Sldl_dll.dll \microsoft expression\blend 3,072,008 11/18/2007
Sldlext.dll \microsoft expression\blend 815,112 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.blend.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 1,560,576 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.blendbase.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 5,120 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.code.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 32,768 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.designmodel.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 172,032 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.designsurface.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 2,105,344 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.framework.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 389,120 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.project.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 73,728 11/18/2007
Microsoft.expression.visualstudioautomation.resources.dll \microsoft expression\blend 4,608 11/18/2007

How to remove the service pack

You cannot use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove this service pack. To remove Expression Blend SP1 from the computer, you must remove Expression Blend. Then, reinstall Expression Blend from the original Expression Blend CD-ROM.

Applies to
  • Microsoft Expression Blend
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