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The following table lists all the possible network control block (NCB) return codes and comments used in Windows for Workgroups.


   NRC_GOODRET     0x00   good return
   NRC_BUFLEN      0x01   illegal buffer length
   NRC_BFULL       0x02   buffers full, no receive issued
   NRC_ILLCMD      0x03   illegal command
   NRC_CMDTMO      0x05   command timed out
   NRC_INCOMP      0x06   message incomplete, issue another command
   NRC_BADDR       0x07   illegal buffer address
   NRC_SNUMOUT     0x08   session number out of range
   NRC_NORES       0x09   no resource available
   NRC_SCLOSED     0x0a   session closed
   NRC_CMDCAN      0x0b   command canceled
   NRC_DMAFAIL     0x0c   PC DMA failed
   NRC_DUPNAME     0x0d   duplicate name
   NRC_NAMTFUL     0x0e   name table full
   NRC_ACTSES      0x0f   no deletions, name has active sessions
   NRC_INVALID     0x10   name not found or no valid name
   NRC_LOCTFUL     0x11   local session table full
   NRC_REMTFUL     0x12   remote session table full
   NRC_ILLNN       0x13   illegal name number
   NRC_NOCALL      0x14   no callname
   NRC_NOWILD      0x15   cannot put * in NCB_NAME
   NRC_INUSE       0x16   name in use on remote adapter
   NRC_NAMERR      0x17   called name cannot == name or name #
   NRC_SABORT      0x18   session ended abnormally
   NRC_NAMCONF     0x19   name conflict detected
   NRC_IFBUSY      0x21   interface busy, IRET before retrying
   NRC_TOOMANY     0x22   too many commands outstanding, retry later
   NRC_BRIDGE      0x23   ncb_bridge field not 00 or 01
   NRC_CANOCCR     0x24   command completed while cancel occurring
   NRC_RESNAME     0x25   reserved name specified
   NRC_CANCEL      0x26   command not valid to cancel
   NRC_MULT        0x33   multiple requests for same session
   NRC_MAXAPPS     0x36   max number of applications exceeded
   NRC_NORESOURCES 0x38   requested resources are not available
   NRC_SYSTEM      0x40   system error
   NRC_ROM         0x41   ROM checksum failure
   NRC_RAM         0x42   RAM test failure
   NRC_DLF         0x43   digital loopback failure
   NRC_ALF         0x44   analog loopback failure
   NRC_IFAIL       0x45   interface failure
   NRC_ADPTMALFN   0x50   network adapter malfunction
   NRC_PENDING     0xff   asynchronous command is not yet finished

  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1
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