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To compile Microsoft FORTRAN version 5.00 programs and view error messages within the M Editor, add the following lines to the TOOLS.INI file:
   extmake:.for.obj fl /c /nologo %|F


To compile a FORTRAN program that is loaded in the M Editor, type ALT+A, CTRL+F3. This will run a compilation according to the extmake switch above. In the extmake switch above, %|F tells the M Editor to compile the program that has been loaded. Other compile options can also be added to the extmake switch. If error messages are generated, they will appear at the bottom of the screen and the cursor will be placed at the corresponding error in the program. To move the cursor location to the next error message, press SHIFT+F3.

At least 480K must be free before executing the M Editor when compiling FORTRAN programs that are loaded in the M Editor. A "D2027 : could not execute `C:\f1.exe'" error may occur if not enough memory is available. For more information on this topic, query on the following words:
D2027 and M EDITOR
Note: The /nologo compilation option is an undocumented option that stops the Microsoft copyright logo from appearing when compiling. Compiling programs in the M Editor under MS-DOS require use of the /nologo option; otherwise, the first error message will not be displayed. For more information on this problem, query on the word NOLOGO.

  • Microsoft FORTRAN Compiler 5.0
  • Microsoft FORTRAN Compiler 5.1
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