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Is there a way to increment the voucher number within payables to be the next number? I had a posting interruption and now even when assigning the transaction to a new batch, I'm uable to post because it indicated it's already posted?


Unfortunately, the way Great Plains increments the voucher number for a recurring batch is not stored in the payables tables, it is hard coded. The vchnumwk column in the PM10000 (payables transation work) stores the voucher number, but it doesn't store the additional recurring number. For instance, if you have a voucher number 15 in a recurring batch, the first time posting it would post 151, the second 152, the third 153 and so on. The vchnumwk only stores the 15 value in the table and the hard coded number is assinged when posted. The only way to fix the voucher number issue would be to either:

1)restore prior to when the posting interruption happened and post it again so you can have the same voucher number


2)create a new invoice and assign it to a recurring batch

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